Water Savings Performance Contracting

NextWater is uniquely equipped to deliver performance-based cost savings to Government, Utilities, Industry, and Institutions utilizing a suite of modern distributed water solutions.

Maximize Water Savings & Minimize Footprint

Secure your own on-site groundwater supply without the need for upfront capital expenditure. The more you use and higher your current water expense, the more you save.

Water Savings Made Easy, From Start to Finish

Our team fulfills every component of your project including design, development, permitting, financing and installation; as well as system operations, maintenance, monitoring and compliance.


Why NextWater?

NextWater is a unique, full-service provider of distributed water solutions.  We make new, sustainable groundwater supplies and water reuse systems available at lower costs than prevailing utility rates.  We design and install your systems under turnkey arrangements custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.

Performance Contracting

Benefit from new, sustainable, and distributed water supply and reuse treatment infrastructure as well as the associated lower operating expenses without assuming any financial or operational risk.  All development, design, construction, permitting, operation, and maintenance costs are fully-funded and financed through NextWater in return for lower, fixed-rate payments, due only upon successful project completion.

Experience Matters

Our team has successfully developed sustainable water supplies for over 1,500 private and public sector clients ranging from Cobb County Marietta Water Authority to General Electric, IBM, and several Federal agencies. Our principals have raised over $3 billion to project finance clean infrastructure and spent years advancing decentralized water initiatives. Together, we have an unparalleled track-record and the extensive experience required to deliver your distributed water infrastructure.

Environmental Stewardship

NextWater is committed to delivering low-impact, sustainable solutions. Our team’s promotion of sound scientific solutions to water resource protection has resulted in local, state, and national recognition for excellence. Over the years, we’ve been recognized by the USGS, the US EPA, and the National Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers (AGWSE).

Why Now?

Water Rates


Increasing Water
Supply Disruptions


Heightened Scrutiny
of Water Supply Risk


Expanding Focus on
Decentralized Solutions


Growing Support for
Environmental Consideration


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“We are at a crossroads today in how we manage our water. Traditional water infrastructure will continue to play a role, but it is static, solves only a single problem, and requires a huge expense to build and maintain. We must use this transformational moment to move from old 19th Century infrastructure to a wiser combination of green and traditional infrastructure that will meet the needs of the 21st Century.”

- American Rivers